Monday, October 31, 2005

i love katamari damacy!

katamari damacy pumpkin!

that's how i roll...with a katmari damacy pumpkin! har har har!

happy halloween!

one good thing about my job is that i get to dress up for halloween. but since no one told me that i could i showed up to work without a costume.

thankfully, we have a rather nice prop room which just happens to include kimonos. i wore this one today!

work kimono

konichiwa, bitches! and a happy halloween to all!

more pete!

the second season of pete and pete comes out on dvd tomorrow! netflix queue, meet season two of pete and pete. pete and pete, netflix queue.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

dia de los muertos!

dia de los muertos came a few days early to seattle. today was a festival at, where else, seattle center (*eyeroll*). since leff and i have both been feeling a bit overworked and under the weather, we decided to make the festival our "get out in the city" item of the week.

some photos, if you will...

yellow death

the coolest shrine ever...

this shrine rocked!!

with a detail of one of the black cats...

black cat detail

general skulls, skeletons and candy skulls...

dia de los muertos

skelly banner and shrine

sugar skull

and frida kahlo (i'm not kidding. that's what her id tag said.) and her motley crew.

frida kahlo and her motely crew

Friday, October 28, 2005

death in sakkara

i found out about this flash game through metafilter. death of sakkara is pretty fun. the only problem is that it's in installments. i just finished the first one and the next episode isn't out until next month. sigh..

warning: the safe is a bit tricky. just keep rereading the postcard and you'll eventually get it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

totoro pumpkin!

totoro pumpkin

i'm a pumkpkin carving fanatic this halloween!

apologies again

sorry for not being online much this week but, once again, i've been forced to live in the real world.

which is not such a bad thing really. i'm almost finished working on the art/drawing site that i mentioned, oooooh, about twenty years ago. i think there are some pretty neat ideas and, hopefully, leff willing, it'll be able to go live sometime early next year. (it's a tad bit complicated and leff is having to code when he has time which he doesn't have much of due to his super secret job.)

also, i've been making sketchessketchessketches for prints i'll be making once i order my print gocco.

and i've been playing video games. specifically we love katamari


and hello kitty roller rescue.

hello kitty roller rescue

plus, you know, i've been working at my day job. and trying to make plans for halloween. and also finalizing planning for another mystery cake. that should be finished by nov 1.

and there's another pumpkin that hasn't been carved yet.

so what's new with you? how's the weather? seen any good movies lately?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

sweet cuppin cakes!

i'm not sure if you know this or not but....

i heart cupcakes

so naturually i watched the "cupcake bakeoff 'splosionstravaganza!! KEEE-POW!! **FIREWORKS!!**" or whatever it was called last night on food network.

you'd think after watching so many of these bakeoff stravaganza "programs" i'd have learned by now to never, nevereverever get my hopes up about them. but noooo, my hopes, they were up. and then they ever so slowly deflated during the thirty minutes that followed.

i mean, hello?? it's a cupcake bakeoff?? can you EFFING SHOW THE EFFING CUPCAKES PLEASE?? i don't need the damn backstory of every person participating in the contest just some sweet baked goods, please. *le sigh*

that being said, i'm in a baking mood. so i may or may not have another mystery cake, or two, ready by halloween and/or nov 1. please stay tuned.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


save me from myself!! i've been on a buying sprenzy lately! in the past three days i've bought a copy of we love katamari damacy (i'm a bit late, i know...), a new litter box from post modern pets (i got the green one. trust me, we needed a new litter box.), the aforementioned gamefly subscription, a strawberry pocky bag from spiral and circle and now this lovely pillow from etsy.

which brings me to the subject of etsy. etsy is probably going to be where i'll be spending most of my money now. crafters around the country (i believe it's going to include or may already include other countries besides the u.s., i didn't really do my research.) post items that they wish to sell, etsy makes it easy to chose a payment option and then you pay for your item. simple.

and, MAN, is there some great stuff on the site! cards, scarves, tshirts, i'm going to have to get another job to pay for all the stuff i want!

i'm also thinking about setting up my own "store" through etsy. if i ever get my print gocco it'll be a done deal!

animal packs

for reasons i won't disclose, i've been searching through a list of animal group names.

i knew that crows traveled in murders and that locusts prefer plagues. but an implausibility of gnus? a rhumba of rattlesnakes? there are some really great names on that list.

Friday, October 21, 2005


i forgot to mention that we FINALLY got a gamefly account!

our first games? hello kitty roller rescue for me and burnout revenge for leff.

i think we all know that my game is better. har har!

thurday report

as you, the regular reader, knows, thursdays are 'sploring days here in seattle. (although that may be changing to saturdays soon since leff is now working in his new office space! w00ty w00t! his boss went with the space that we all loved!)

this thursday, leff and i decided to visit the international district. we'd driven through the edge of the neighborhood when leff interviewed in pioneer square back in august but hadn't made it back until yesterday. which sounds crazy, i know. esp since the international district is home to one of the uwajimaya stores!

anyway, we decided to take the monorail downtown. yes, you read that right. the monorail.

mmmmm, touristy goodness!

the trip from seattle center to fifth street (right next to the nordstram's flagship store) only takes 90 seconds. it might possibly have been the cheesiest 90 seconds of my life! (leff should be posting a movie of the trip soon. can you stand the excitement?! seriously though, it's tasty like velveeta. you gotta' watch the movie when it's posted.)

but moving on, the monorail station is about 10 blocks from the international district. thankfully this is all level or slightly downhill so it wasn't that bad of a walk in either direction. (not, saaaay, like when i take the 15 or 18 bus downtown and then have to hike up the freakin' alps to get to the main library. *sheesh!!*)

the first place that we stopped in the id (internationl district is henceforth referred to as "id" since i'm lazy.) was at the kinokuniya bookstore. i'd heard about this chain on super eggplant's page but didn't realize that i was at the store that she had recommended until after i'd bought a tiny hamster eraser and a miffy puzzle.

miffy puzzle

it's a fantastic bookstore! there are TONS of japanese craft books and manga and cute stationary and A TOTORO CALENDER FOR 2006 that i simply MUST OWN!!

so i'm going back to kinkuniya soon!

the bookstore connects to umajimaya which has to be the biggest and coolest asian grocery store/gift shop that i've EVEREVEREVER been in! and that includes the lottes on the east coast. lotte gets pwned by umajimaya!

ok, so at the supermega wonderful umajimaya, i FINALLY got my hands on some men's pocky

hamster eraser and men's pocky

(that photo has the hamster eraser from kinkuniya in it.)

and some pocari sweat.

pocari sweat

mmmm! it's so tasty and citrusy!

leff went a bit nuts buying tofu, ramen and kim chee but he always goes nuts buying tofu and ramen and kim chee, so that's nothing new.

the gift shop had the cutest maneki neko i've ever seen in my entire life!

neko neko

the one with the heart and the bow? it WILL be mine soon.

and that was our day. we pretty much spent it shopping, eating and riding the monorail.

oh! i finally snagged a photo of the pac man car.

pac man car

this guy has to live in my neighborhood because i see his car *all* the time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


i ate this for lunch.

california rolls

it was, hands down, the BEST grocery store sushi that i have EVER eaten!

if you ever find yourself at the intersection of mercer and 1st ave in seattle and have to have sushi that very minute, duck into larry's and get some prepackaged. you won't regret it!

Monday, October 17, 2005

by the way...

did i mention that i have a cat?

fuji nest

near death experience and couchy

you want to know what's truly weird? when someone calls you and tells you that a former roommate/flatmate of yours may or may not have been fatally shot in a robbery three days ago.

thankfully, i was able to ascertain that it wasn't my old roomie (it was someone with the same name) after doing a google news search for his name + shooting + memphis. but still, it was quite upsetting. i'm glad that w*******-san is ok.

in lighter news, we have a new couch! (his name is couchy. it's an homage to chairy.)

i've never owned a new couch before! i almost feel like one of those grown ups that i've heard so much about in the liberal media.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


HERE'S the link to the mtv article about my cake!

ner! i guess i just missed it!

scroll down a bit to the part about the person talking about the cake. the person that sounds like a valley girl? that's me. HAHAHA!!!


the first jack o'lantern of the season and it'suh mario!

it's mario!

zombie mob!

leff and i made it to the ballard zombie mob!



leff has more photos and some movies.

there are two more zombie mobs planned for seattle this month. maybe we'll catch both of them!

video games live

hell yes! video games live is going to be at the paramount in seattle on oct 29th! and there are still tickets available!

w00t! i gots to go to this!

eat, drink and something else...

today's been a food exploration day. i know, i know, you'd think by now that i would've exhausted all of the eateries in my neighborhood. but you'd be thinking the wrong thing, chicken nugget.

this morning leff and i had breakfast at neilson's bakery (sorry, no good links. but it's on 2nd ave w past the kfc). leff had a snitter (and by that i mean that's what the pastry's called not that he had an angry fit at the store) and a double americano. i opted for a danish and an iced mocha.

oh! the danish was so flakey and perfect!! it was almost croissantish in its consistancy. mmmmmmm!! the coffee was good as well. (leff's snitter was tasty, but i liked the danish better.)

also, take out boxes at neilson's are a cute pink. almost the same hue as tiffany's blue boxes. which makes me happy. because i'm getting girlier by the day.

lunch was at blue water taco (queen anne location) and holy crap! it's much better than taco del mar. since i'm stuck on fish tacos these days, that's what i opted for. (it was a wise decision. oooh, sooo goood!) with a side of tortilla chips and chipolte salsa (soooo spicy that i was crying! hee hee!)

i can't remember what leff got except for his "too damn hot" salsa which was, in fact, too damn hot, even for leff. which is saying something.

oh, i must add that the horchata at blue water taco is t eh rock! i hearts me some horchata and this is the best i've had in a looooong while!

after lunch coffee was a bibicaffe.


carbonated espresso is fantastic. don't let anyone tell you differently.

and that's all for now. leff and i are off to ballard around 3:30ish to get photos of the zombie mob that's going to be lurching down market street. we might hit another bakery while we're there because you never know when my sweet tooth will kick in.


i got this email from leff this morning!

from seattlest
tippy headron will actually be at a showing getting interviewed by robert osbourne

this Monday at the Egyptian Theatre, there's a free screening of Hitchcock classic The Birds at 7:30pm. Added bonus: Icy blonde Tippi Hedren will make an appearance to talk about her Hollywood experiences (oooh...ahhh). She'll be interviewed by Turner Classic Movies guy Robert Osbourne, because---whaddya know?---TCM, along with Comcast and Landmark Theatres, is sponsoring the event. They're tying it into their big On-Air Hitchcock Festival

Egyptian Theatre
805 E. Pine St.
Monday, October 17th, 7:30pm
Call (206) 521-3377


edit: i'm so NOT there. all of the tickets have been given out. it was only announced yesterday. SHEESH!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

thurdays are 'sploring days

leff and i decided last week that we would set aside thursday mornings for exploring different neighborhoods of seattle. (last week we were going to go to pioneer square but we ended up just stopping by the main branch of the library instead.)

this week, we decided to go to ballard which is just across the water from us. it was a jampacked, funfilled, one more descriptive compound word hour and 45 minutes!

since we were in ballard, leff showed me the building where he and his boss are thinking about renting an office. personally, i think it's a fantastic location. i really hope that they decide on that space!

next we stopped by goodwill to drop off some stuff for donation. the people in charge of sorting through things bring a cart to your car and help you unload stuff! it's so great! (i'm comparing this to the drop offs in baltimore and memphis, naturally, where the people in charge just glare at you for making them work. *eyeroll*)

unwanted computer equipment and home furnishings out of the way, we headed to market street where i finally got to visit cupcake royale!


even though they were having their cupcake harvest with tasty new fall flavors, i went with a chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream frosting. (sooo minty! sooo tasty!)

@ cupcake royale

oh, and a double cafe americano to wash it down. naturally.

having sugared up and caffinated, leff and i walked up to the ballard branch library. it's beautiful and all scandiavian-ish since ballard was settled by scandinavians in the 1900's or so. i think...

anwyay, with three books in hand, we set off for archie mcphee where we got all kinds of cool, useless stuff including this flocked deer.

luther hides from the new mega deer

i didn't even see it hiding amoungst the other plastic animal stuff! archie mcphee is t eh rock!!

and that was ballard. we could've stayed longer and gone to the locks, the nordic heritage museum etc, but we were running out of time in our two hour parking spot. plus, i had to get to the queen anne branch library to pick up some books that i'd reserved. (i had six shipped over from the main branch! and i did it all online! eep!! ok, i promise, no more gushing about the library at least.)

oh, and we also went to trader joe's while we were in upper queen anne. because we were hungry. and because i hate walking up that goddamned hill. ugh.

/end ramble.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

yet one more reason to be glad that i don't live in memphis anymore

remember the place that leff and i were living in memphis? remember how there were two fires? one that gutted a fifth floor apt and another that was outside of the building?

apparently, there's been another fire at the shithole of an apt building. just this afternoon, like two hours before this posting. (katty kat called to tell me.) the new fire was on the fourth floor. and, it gets worse, there was a dead body in the apt at the time of the fire.

no one knows if the person died from smoke inhalation or if they were murdered prior to the fire.

i'm SO glad that we don't live there anymore.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

hydroassassination and halloweiners

four words that i cannot get out of my head: john wilkes dunking booth


luther says bonjour to some new peeps!

you know i luuuuurve black cats. and peeps. (just for looking though, not for eating. eating peeps = bleah) and halloween.

speaking of halloween, leff and i have to make a trip to target this week for cleaning supplies (he has an old college friend that's coming into town next week and most of you know how obsessive i am about cleaning. if you don't, er, i'm really obsessive about cleaning.) so i get to be like an overgrown kid in somewhat of a candy store. because target has candy. and me likes candy!! me mucho, mucho like candy!!

also i'm looking for a silver wig. and a raygun. and i really want this and this costume makes me want a dog just so i can make him wear it and i can laugh and laugh.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

spl, i *heart* you!

Originally uploaded by leff.

why am i swooning over spl again this morning? well 1) i'm going to the main branch again today (*giddy school girl squealing*) 2) i just placed holds on a BILLION books that i've been wanting to read including everthing bad is good for you, the search, hand made modern and many, many more.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

it's finished!

behold....the windwaker cake.


it's the boat. you know, like from windwaker.

ok, now i'm off to sleep because despite my best efforts, i've caught a cold from work.


oh , look. another blog post.

here's a list of what i've been doing. hey, at least it's words, ok?

1) working at the crap job and trying to be all stealthy and move my way up through the organization. which might pay off since they may switch an area in which i've always wanted to work from contract labo(u)r to actual paid staff. (the whole place is in serious flux.)

2) still unpacking the annoying, annoying stuff that i don't even remember owning. grrr!!

3) battling a weeklong headache and trying not to catch the cold that's making the rounds at my job. which means zinc and aspirin. that's what i eat for breakfast.

4) working on leff's bday cake. it's already a day late. my headache kind of put me out of commission for two days, so i got behind. and i'm really pissed off at myself about that. because, you know, i meet deadlines, self imposed or not.

5) reading women who eat on my lunch break. it's good!!

6) playing with the cats. (peel isn't taking my being out of the apt too well. poor kitty!)

7) talking on the phone. i'm telling you, you move 2500 miles away and EVERYONE calls you.

8) walking. everywhere. we need to move the car again. sigh.....

9) grocery shopping. like, every day because we don't have a routine and i don't really feel like cooking anything.

10) sleeping. the headache is wearing me out. i've also not given myself time to adjust to the move, let alone the pacific time zone, and it's starting to catch up to me.

so that's what i've been doing. i wish that it was more interesting but, well, it's not. and now i have to go to work. bleah.