Thursday, March 27, 2008

a quick post to help me procrastinate

i am so over packing that i want to vomit geyser style. do you see how i'm living? it's an effing pigstye.

enough with the bile. here's something funny. well, kinda'. this morning i purchased a salad, a diet soda and a bag of cat litter at larry's/metro and i thought to myself "only tampons, chocolate and a face mask could make this more stereotypical."

i considered picking up some "just for men" hair dye to even the score but the line moved too fast.

what else? i've discovered that don knotts movies calm me down. those and "desperately seeking susan". i don't exactly know what it means when you find madonna soothing but i now own the "susan" dvd.

also, the book thief wasn't bad, i'm addicted to rice cakes (specifically and inexplicably the ones that taste like burnt toast) and i cannot stop watching this. the fireworks get me every time.

that is all. back to packing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

thank you, cal from siff!!

cal from siff, if you manage to find this message, many, MANY thanks for helping me carry boxes through lqa this morning! you're a totally sweetheart! thanks again!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

shit eating grins

i came across this while i was packing this afternoon.

from the cleveland daily banner circa 2000.

i'm talkin' 'bout flea market

leff and i went to the punk rock flea market today.

it helped make this be even further imprinted upon my grey matter.

um, don't click that last link unless you want the most ridiculous song in the world stuck in your head. you've been warned.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

double curry

i love it when i get double ghosty images when i make things.

for suspect and fugitive

Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Monday, March 03, 2008

i'll be taking a short break but first an update!

there's a lot going on in rl right now that needs my attention so i'll be away from this blog for a while. (a week? maybe longer? i'm not sure. sorry.)

i'll still be posting daily at suspect and fugitive though so you'll be able to see more things like this hostess pie filling during gpiss downtime.

anyway, before i live in meatspace for a while, let me get you up to speed. on friday n and i caught the george legrady lecture at spl.

seattle residents will more than likely be familiar with his "making the invisible visible" installation at the main library.

tech people, be sure to check out the data about the project on his site (sorry, no direct link.). it's really interesting stuff.

how about some library atmosphere?

hellla ghosts, batman!

leff got us zipcar last week!

we used it for the first time on sunday for a quick trip to target

(here's a video of the cartscalator, katty kat.)

and the northgate taco truck.

damn but driving (ok, being copilot) is nice. i'd never own a car again but zipcar is an incredibly convenient option to have.

right, time to get back to the real world. (true story!) (ed aside: why can i not find the opening credits to "the real world" (san fran??) where that one guy sings "truuue stor-ray" all nasal like. interwebs, you have disappointed me.)