Monday, June 30, 2008

conchords weekend, target

this past weekend was rather swelter-ish. yet somehow, despite the heat and the general lack of ac around town, leff and i were pretty busy. (well, except for sunday when all we did was try to sleep.)

c, m and the twins came over for dinner on saturday. it was great seeing them all again but i have no pictures so i'm left to wonder...did it really happen?? ???

yes. it did.

it was also a conchords weekend for some reason. i made a flight of the concord grape juice shirt for s&f

and knocked out a boom king embroidery for leff since he booms the boom.

remember what i said about sunday? ok, well, we did go to target first for a large fan and some other stuff that we've been needing for a while. here are some possessed shopping carts in the parking garage.

did i say garage? i meant to say "car hole".

this week is when i switch into overdrive to try and finish the apt (i KNOW, why isn't it done yet?!?) because of a plethora of guests in august. i'll try not to bore you with fabric swatches and the like.

Friday, June 27, 2008

david sedaris, crush on plush, lots of movies

grab yourself a hot cup of hoffee, bishes

'cause alfredo hitchcock presents this friday's edition of gpiss.

(alfredo for s&f, of course.)

so what've i been up to since i took an internet vacay? lots, actually. monday night i met leff downtown

to see david sedaris read at elliot bay.

sedaris's always very pithy and entertaining so it was a great evening. esp since we left when q&a started. (nothing annoys me more than q&a sessions. i won't go into specifics but if you think about it, i'm sure you'll figure out why i despise them so.)

anyway, photos weren't allowed so i'll let this dolma that i ate fill in for mr. sedaris.

they were both equally wonderful in their own ways.

wednesday night i met up with leff again, this time at velocity for crush on plush!

have an establishing shot, won't you?

i really enjoyed this lab 'cause i adore all three of the talented ladies who were on the panel. (moxie, kristen and hansi--see, they're all so freakin' awesome!) here's moxie pre discussion.

i love her new shade of purple, don't you?

yes, it was a great panel. very informative and supportive. i heart them all!

i also want to add that john (of velocity) is rocking this lab thing. many thanks to him for providing an outlet for creative discussion as well as the plethora of dry soda!

but let's move on to the movies in the title. i've been watching quite a few this week ("roman polanski: wanted desired", "rosemary's baby", "they live", "drop dead gorgeous", copious amounts of "flight of the conchords" which, i know, not a movie but still, awesome.)

and thursday, b and c dropped by to watch "teeth" but we went with a documentary on britain's worst teeth instead. (i couldn't watch it as i have to go back to the dentist on tuesday. it still didn't stop me from eating a few cookies and having a root beer float though...)

and that's been life without blogging. busy. oh my, yes. but fun.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

back on friday!

i need to take a vacation from the internet for a while so i'll see you on friday.

Monday, June 23, 2008

toys, cheap food and a fake vacation

this past weekend? not so bad. i spent saturday at schmancy

instead of at the solstice parade you really need a because? ok, i had a the oven. (also, naked biking kinda' skeeves me out. the unprotected seats! the burning!)

one constant during the past three days has been the cheapness of food. for instance, this pizza and soda from paggliaci only cost $3.23. (paggliaci was having a 20th anniversary special.)

and this quiche from caffe d'art was free.

sunday i made the tiniest stencil.

(for suspect and fugitive)

which seemed to make clouseau happy.

also on sunday i played like i was on vacation

in synesthesia city.

in seattle, you can see the sound! what a country!

Friday, June 20, 2008

odds and ends

once again i'm not into babbling on about what's up in my tiny life. i will tell you this though, pink cookies are fantastic for getting one out of a cloudy day slump.

also this comment by notes from the underwhelmed on jezebel has been making me laugh for two days.

When I asked my mom (an athiest) how the whole holy trinity thing, with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit being the same thing was supposed to work, she said this: "Um... Have you ever seen Chinatown? It's kinda like that- 'She's my sister! She's my daughter! He's my dad! He's god! He's me! We're a bird!' while pretending to slap herself in the face. It was kind of amazing.

"chinatown" as the trinity. it's wonderful.

two more things and i'll let you go. "irene williams: the queen of lincoln road" is brilliant. watch it! now! i don't care how you do it!

"avenue montaigne" is just as good as pink cookies for killing the mean reds.

the two in combination will blow your mind. or, at the very least, your fda allotted amount of sugar for the day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a wed worth skipping

there's nothing that i want to talk about here today. oh yes, plenty going on but it's not the kind of stuff that i write about. sorry.

so, hey, have two photos for the road and maybe i'll have something to say on friday.

Monday, June 16, 2008

i'd like the last weekend put on repeat, please!

drag out the punk ass balloons, chickens!

this past weekend was so magically realistic (it's what salmon rushdie and "knight rider" have in common. fact!) that i want to do it all over again today!

or at least after 4.

really though, this past grouping of friday night + saturday and sunday was great! leff and i met misterjt at top pot yesterday and it was wonderful fun!

jt brought the sun with him from cali and for that i cannot thank him enough! (in fact it's *still* sunny! thanks, jt!)

the rest of the weekend was pretty great too. well, aside from sleeping through the "pens and needles" opening (annoyed sigh...) oh, and the great pez hunt that was almost as difficult as tracking bigfoot or, i dunno', finding a worthy replacement for tim russert. (that's never gonna' happen, imho. teh press. i haz no respekt for dem.)

where was i? oh, i dunno. i'm not properly caffeinated yet. look at some sticker pics while i regroup.

nope, i'm not going to be able to reboard that train of thought. but! padre sent me photos from when he and my step mom volunteered at an obama town meeting! that's cool!

and clouseau has become fond of raspberries

which amuses me to no end.

Friday, June 13, 2008

no faces were bashed with bricks

after watching many of my favorite movies ("evil dead", "the women", "bringing up baby", "princess bride", "kwaidan" "monster house", etc.), reading a lot and making this virginia tourist logo spinoff onesie that's guaranteed to piss off my step-grandma

i feel a lot better than i did last week. adding to the happiness was the arrival of noah's skull that i traded for!

luther deer loves it almost as much as i do! (thanks again, noah!)

i also cheated on my "no sugar" rule. sometimes a girl's got to self medicate.

also, about that...this *real* med (not the candy one) that i'm having to take leaves a bitter taste in my mouth (literally, not figuratively) that won't go away. it affects how food tastes. so, like, things that are good for me taste wretched but chemically, stongly flavored stuff like doritos and frozen mexican food are the only things that don't make me want to barf.

sad but true.

during my blog hiatus, leff and i hit (but not with a brick) the arboretum. it was our first time visiting but it won't be our last. i've got a lot of pics!

but first a question. how many pics does it take to get to the center of the post? i dunno'. seven?

what's done the most to make me feel better, however, is, of course, the sunshine that we had late on thursday afternoon. mai shadoh! let me show u it!

i feel like i haven't seen it in months. and, no, i don't have some sort of peter pan complex. (ed note: we probably do. a little bit. esp the part about doing dumb things frequently. pbbt.)

so right, uh, what? here's a pic of a stick-er of a phone.

since it was slightly warmer on thursday (i *so* wanted to call it sunday), leff and i went wading at the center.

there was a dog playing fetch.

and also the space needle. twice.

no, not really. i took two pictures of it, sillyhead.

anyway, summing up. things are better. there's a great show at schmancy tonight. "kung fu panda" was better than i thought it would be. (but that's still not saying much.)

now if you'll excuse me, i have to finish up a week of "the princess bride" on s&f. see you on monday!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

back in about a week

or whenever i stop feeling like i want to punch people in the face with a brick. whichever happens first.

Friday, June 06, 2008

almost better

i'm a broken record these days with the tooth stuff. (for those of you born after records, i'm not sure how to explain that phrase to you. um...a short audio file put on repeat?)

no, i'm still not 100% but i'm also not bleeding any more so that's progress.

anyway, there's still not much happening at casa rakkaleff. wed night i put together a onesie that i'll never make because there's no way my brother will let his son wear this.

too bad really. could you imagine how awesome those baby photos would be in 2028?

leff picked up some david sedaris tickets for us.

do i need to reiterate how great of a bf he is? i didn't think i'd need to.

the last of my bday goodness has trickled in in the form of an agent cooper sticker

and a beardy ring. (ring from schmutzerland.)

no, c. the ring doesn't mean that i've become accepting of moustaches (except those grown for charity.) but nice try.

looks like it's time for more pain med and "the harder they come". can you believe that i haven't seen that yet?