Thursday, January 29, 2009

check back again on monday

sorry to keep jerking you around, kids. but i'm now on 1600 mgs of antibiotics per day as well as narcotic cough syrup. in other words, i'm pretty damn sick and quite loopy as well.

so yeah, i'll try again on monday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i'll try this again on thurs

still sick (i'm sure no one is surprised.) and i'm under deadline on two projects.

i'll try to catch up here on thurs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

update tomorrow

promise to write about the inauguration and the pie festival sometime tomorrow.  as for now, however, i need to crash so i can try to get over this stupid cold.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

we're headed to the inauguration

just a few housecleaning items here before i head off to d.c. for obama's inauguration!!

1) the following valentine (along with many others by many talented people) will be available for purchase for $4 at fred flare starting the last week in jan.

all proceeds will go to elder craftsman, a program that brings crafts to older folks in the nyc area. more info available here.

2) i'll be posting photos from and about our "inauguration vacation" in this flickr set if you'd like to follow along in semi real time.

3) i'm also reactivating my twitter account after leaving it dormant since 2006. to follow my inauguration updates, please click here. (i'm sure they'll be just as dull as everyone else's tweets in d.c.)

4) MANY early thanks to calvo who will be putting us up the night before the swearing in ceremony. we heart you, calvo!

5) suspect and fugitive will still be updated throughout the trip.  only 12 more days to go!  then the new 365 project starts!

see you next week, chitterlings!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

danny o's 28th bday, flan, and i don't know what else

man, i'm having a hard time getting started on this post because i can't stop laughing about how my recently discovered hyper mobile joints and my lack of depth perception are the biological reasons for my gawky, clumsy physcial awkwardness. (the social awkwardness, weeeeell, that's another story...)

in other words, i was genetically predisposed to become a geek. which, i suppose is one of the few decent options that are available in the crap shoot that is hillbilly genetics. (come on, it's funny. (because it's true.))

anyway, in something not related to inherit loserdom, happy 28th bday, danny!

i'm sorry that i didn't bring a breakfast cucumber as a present. also, i'm sorry i had to ditch the show early because of spinal difficulty. i just suck all around.

what doesn't suck is flan. esp if it's been put into a bunny mold first.

it is also fun to play with the caramel packet that is included in the mix.

not much else happened last week other than prep for the new project, prep for the "evening magazine" shoot

and pt. and this week doesn't promise to be much more exciting as i'm getting ready for our trip to d.c. (now THAT. that will be cool. it's not every day that you get to see obama inaugurated plus hang out with calvo.)

i'll try to post before next monday but, honestly, do you want to hear about what liquids and gels i'm packing in my quart ziplock bag? yeah, i didn't think so.

Monday, January 12, 2009

will blog tomorrow

i'll post a weekly update tomorrow. i'm kinda' worn out because i filmed a segment on suspect and fugitive for an upcoming edition of "evening magazine" this morning.

look, the chair is in place for the interview.

seriously though, it was a wonderful experience. (thanks to heidi and tom for all of their hard work!)

(also, thanks to jessie for the moral support and to cole and shain for helping me with hair and makeup!)

Monday, January 05, 2009

the end of 08 plus ho ho hope globe, genki sushi and a cupcake laser show

happy late new year, tender vittles!

were you in seattle during the fireworks? were you as underwhelmed as me? i mean, didn't you feel like they just...ended. no big finale, just....pfffft.

(thanks to j and d for the party! (and sorry to c and b for not making it to yours.))

you know what we got from freakin' ups instead of the package that we WANT and have been waiting for for over a week? this.

i'm still not sure if it's a gag gift or not. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love obama (we're headed to his inauguration in two weeks!) but i don't need to build a shrine to him in my goddamed apartment.

anyway, i did what anyone would do with a "gift" like that. i started a blog about it and sent it on its merry way.

no, there aren't a lot of updates on the ho ho hope globe yet. there may never be. still, it's not in my apt any more. *steepling fingers/evil laugh*

moving on, there have been a lot of things hanging in the trees of lqa lately. for instance, a lei

and a strand of popcorn.

it's not earth shattering, but it's kinda' fun.

now that the snow is mostly gone (we got more last night that is desperately trying to hang in there. i think i'll go glare at it after i finish writing this.), i've added walking back into my pt routine. here are two pics from my somewhat daily quests to tackle queen anne hill.

leff and i are still in thrall of the laser radiohead show at pacsci. so is jessie. which might explain why we made her a laser cuppy display on new year's day, complete with a bat beast.

i hasten to add that it might explain it, but it still doesn't make it any less weird to find your self standing in your bathtub with your bf in the dark making blind contour drawings of a cupcake with a laser pointer.

(full laser show here)

what else...oh yes! leff and i tried genki sushi!

it was quite good. leff has video of the kaiten sushi conveyor belt doing its thing.

i leave you with some sticker photos taken from another walk around belltown.