Saturday, February 28, 2009

image dump plus some stuff

don't worry, bill murray! i haven't forgotten about you guys!

but, i'll be honest. i'm enjoying not having a regimented schedule on this blog. it's enough with the other one.

so what's new? a lot and nothing. which sounds a bit koan-ish but it's not, i swear. (i know what one hand clapping sounds like. it sounds like regular clapping only diminished by half.)

right. spring! it's finally starting to do its thing!

which is good because i'm not sure how much more of winter i can handle.

unrelated to seasons in transition, i don't know if it's because i'm an old, if it's a case of taxi crabs

or if it's just the quest for novelty that occurs to me when i reach the four year mark in any city in which i've lived but i'm seriously debating whether or not we should move to an island.

any island dwellers past or present want to weigh in with their opinions regarding life on the atoll? (many thanks in advance!)

i'm assuming it's vaguely fishbowl like (i've lived in small towns and know how that goes) but do the pros outweigh that very considerable con?

please note we're not talking tropical landmasses. leff and i like the pnw but i really, REALLY want to kick seattle's ass right now.

ahem, moving on. j and i went to the mystery bookshop yesterday for the signing of joanne fluke's new cream puff mystery novel.

i still haven't figured out if i read her books ironically or not. (i'm assuming yes but that whole desire to move to an island has me confused. like, should i embrace the oldness or try to hide it behind a veneer of gen x snark? decisions, decisions....)

speaking of fossils, i need to go see lucy at pacsci before she's both dead AND gone. take two of these photos but don't call me in the morning. my phone will be off as usual.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

one major reason why i'm so over seattle this winter

a quote from cliff mass, weather god, for leff and everyone else who has had to deal with metro this morning in light of the dusting of snow. (it's a dusting. in other cities it wouldn't matter. trust.)

NOTE: Metro's Bus Tracker software AGAIN is overwhelmed and not functioning during a snow event. After everyone complained in December. Someone really needs to be relieved of duty in Metro's IT department and those in Metro that oversee this important application. When we most need to see where the buses are, the system fails. Just incompetence.

(taken from this blog post)

Monday, February 16, 2009

busy. sooo busy

crackheads, you have been warned.

i'm not going to do a regular monday post any more. in fact, i'm not going to have regular posts here at all. from now on (or at least until i change my mind again) i'll write when it seems like i have something to write about.

it might mean more frequent posts, it might not. i guess we'll just have to see.

so last saturday leff and i went a bit nuts. we hit top pot

(yum! limited edition cherry blossom donut!)

sam for the edward hopper exhibit, fran's chocolate (for salted caramels. double yum!), the can can which was closed, the marimekko store at the market, virginia inn (for lunch), vain

and the sculpture park. see, i've been homebound for a while now and i was *dying* to get out.

sunday, glew helped leff move our old couch and fake secretary desk to goodwill (THANK YOU, GLEW!!). "why?" you might ask. um, to make room for all the new goodies, of course!

it's, like, a new apartment up in here!

president's day i succumbed to the craving for a mcflurry.

it was all because of the prominently portrayed mcflurries on thursday's "30 rock". damn you, tina fey!

and i guess that was the whole weekend. i feel like all leff and i have been doing is running since the year started. (minus the time for my cold.) will things slow down? who knows?

it's president's day.

back tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

just thought i'd mention...

...that it's really weird seeing my dad on tv all the time (again.) he and my stepmom are both in the obama clean coal ad that is all over your cable television these days.

late last year they were the peanut butter in your chocolate on the cnns and msnbcs and etcs because the clean coal commercial is from the same campaign stump speech as the "lipstick on a pig" brew-ha-ha.

for real. here's a screengrab from waaay back in 09.08

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget Me-Not Update

this is a quick post to let you know that all three of my pieces for the "forget me-not" show at gallery hanahou are now for sale here. (sorry, you'll have to scroll a bit. i'm in row 10, the last three entries.)

so if you'd like to own any of these three pieces

please click through.

Monday, February 09, 2009

it's already been another week?

i cannot believe that it's been a week since i last posted. i've honestly not left the six block radius around my apartment. i've taken no pictures (other than what's on yodeer), read no books, done anything interesting, etc (in fact, i missed both cliff mass at rei and the rollergirls season opener.)

basically i *have* taken many pills (for the hellcold) and gone to physical therapy. seriously boring stuff. maybe it's best to just check back next week to see if i've ventured out of lower queen anne.

Monday, February 02, 2009

year of deer has started, i finally get around to writing about the inauguration and the pie festival

so before i get around to the week's old news, let me mention that i've started the new 365 project called year of deer.

that particular piece will also be in the "forget me-not" show at gallery hanahou in nyc along with my two others starting on the 6th. (more info about the hanahou show here)

yes, suspect and fugitive is finished.

ok, so the inauguration. i had planned on writing about how awesome it was to be in the crowd in depth but then the hell cold sidetracked me. (i'm still sick. now i'm just "normal person" ill, however, so i can cope.)

basically, you'll just have to live with the observation that, yes, it was completely worth the trip to stand in the cold surrounded by a throng of people even though we didn't get onto the mall.

and also a thank you to the kind policemen who played the speech over their car stereo so everyone could hear it.

(and a HUGE thank you to calvo for letting us crash at his place!)

oh wait, this after inauguration party at big bear video of leff's is pretty awesome. it's the first time i've ever been given free champagne with my coffee.

other shots around dc/alexandria.

ok, so the day after we got back there was a *magnificent* pie festival in ballard! $5 cover charge with proceeds going to fight cancer. win/win, i say!

leff and i ate *so* much pie that it made up for the week of "travel dieting".

what else, what else...j gave me a little rae's obama mystery dog cookie!

and leff has been playing "lips" again.

i can't because i can barely talk. in fact, leff said that for most of this cold i've sounded like an 80 year old, heavy smoking version of myself.

i'll leave you with a sticker.

'cause, yep. more deadlines. this has been a really busy year to date!