Thursday, January 30, 2014

cash monies

our bank offers quite a few nice services. one of those is the ability to have foreign currency shipped in two business days. since berlin and prague are cash money towns and leff and i loathe foreign transaction fees (there's one with every atm/cashpoint transaction unless you track down the local "global atm alliance" participant.), we thought we'd take the bank up on its offer.

these first bills are probably old hat to a lot of you readers. i mean, yeah, we've used euros before too but i had never seen them. (we used the debit card so no physical bills on that trip.) i am LOVING the size difference.

and, holy hell, czech koruna are beautiful.

that's not as much as it looks like, btw. the exchange rate is REALLY working in our favor.

that's all i've got. i'm going to sit here and stare at the koruna for a while.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

let the packing begin!

christ, but i look like i have a pill problem.

not to worry. (why are you worrying about me??) these are just vitamins, pain med and sleeping pills for two weeks.

i swear, i'm taking more pills than socks. that might not be such a good idea...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

more words about some things

still finalizing trip plans (will we go to the leslie hall show in chicago? probably!), still watching tv (how 'bout that "sleepy hollow", eh?! EH!! also, get on "the bletchley circle" train. choo fucking choo!)

books of note this month of the 12 read so far: pain, parties, work  (if only for sending me in the direction of plath's unabridged diaries) and, oddly, the rabbit back literature society. oddly because i ended that one with a "huh" and didn't expect the staying power it's had.

i ate some heart shaped shit. those chocolatey ones were junior mints, some of which had red goo inside.

i got some skinny jeans????? D:

idk, i might send them back. maybe. professor clouseau says they're fine

but i have not worn stuff like this since college. (ask me about that time the bouncer guy just let me through the weapons/booze search line by saying "honey, you go on through. even if you were hiding something i wouldn't care. *leer*" (ugh. no, don't ask me. it might make me barf. :/))

what else? this salad is good! i want to make these cookies! i am crazy enough to want to go to here.

what. i love popcorn.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

some things that have been found

still dealing with the flu. i would love to be rid of this crud. but, eh, it helped me find the punk rock episode of "quincy" earlier tonight.

this is not that episode (that one is season 8, episode 8 "next stop, nowhere" and it is magical. (it's also on vimeo.)) this is "the hot dog murder". obviously.

idk, "quincy" always makes us (me, leff) laugh particularly when we change the dialogue to where "the big q" is talking about dicks. not the fucking hamburgers. penises.

honestly, it's the only way i can get through an episode of "quincy".

not related to 80's mortician mysteries, thankfully, is nando's peri peri sauce!

did you know that you can get this at a regular ol' safeway now? i mean, FUCK YES DEVIL HORNS! (london, cardiff, i loves ya both but getting this sauce delivered to my house in the grocery order is way faster/cheaper/less jet laggy.)

one last thing that i found and i will get back to asking leff if i have a fever. ("yes. you ALWAYS have a fever when you ask." he will sigh and roll his eyes.) this andy magnet was at the bottom of a suitcase.

did i make this? did someone give this to me? i don't even remember. i do love it though so if you were a person who gave this to me, many, many thanks!

but now my time is up. i wonder if i have a fever....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

cabbage lantern

tonight i made a cabbage lantern. no reason.

sweet dreams!


i am sure that none of you regular readers are surprised to learn that i've got a flu.  since moving to the pnw, when have i not been ill. grr and etc.

anyway, lots of (oddly, good!) stressful things are going on behind the scenes. i am not at liberty to discuss most of it which explains the lack of posting lately, but i can tell you about these next things.

* new "bletchley circle" is good!

* i am totally about the seven percent solution right now. (book version. i'm not sure about the movie but you could watch that here and decide for yourself if you are so inclined.)

* i have fallen under modcloth's spell.

* i should never order travel granola bars three weeks in advance. why do i think that i won't eat them? i will totally eat them.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

dude, u wish!

after the freak out/time shift debacle two years ago in the uk, i decided that i didn't want to depend on a mobile that will get easily fucked up when i'm, getting fucked up. enter ye olde casio!

rock and roll lifestyle/living the fucking dream/etc, etc/yawn!

da planes, da planes

all transportation tickets have finally been sorted for big trip 2014! (well, aside from ground transport. we need to wait until we're in whatever cities to purchase tickets/cards for subways, buses, etc) rhys will be here soon and i will be drinking some club mate in the very near future!

funny thing about can now purchase club mate in the us. there are two places in seattle that carry it! but, ha, i would rather suffer a 9 hour transatlantic flight than do anything in seattle.

Sunday, January 05, 2014


apologies for ever recommending that you watch "sherlock". this new season is massively dreadful. if you're new to the whole thing, do yourself a favor and only watch the first episode of the first season and give the rest of it a miss. you're welcome.

Friday, January 03, 2014


jens mailed this postcard 45 days before we're set to land at txl. it's now only 38!

he's so kuu-l.

oh, clouseau

even though that new episode of "sherlock" was rather shit (this review is very spot on.), clouseau is still rocking scarves.

i love this little guy. i really, really do.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

awwww, yeah

eatin' granola for lunch, findin' new style icons,

livin' the fuckin' dream.