Sunday, November 19, 2017

sunday in ravenswood

i'm really glad leff and i have finally found time to explore around wilson/uptown/ravenswood. it's something we've been meaning to do for about a year but, well, you know how time goes.

since i'm still a newbie in chicago, i didn't know about the hull house gorilla. (lots more info at link!) 

we passed him on the way to lillstreet.  apparently, leff and i saw more of john kearney's work at oz park this summer but i didn't realize he had so many sculptures around town. i need to track down his deer! (oz park wasn't written up as i was on blog break. soz.)

anyway, lillstreet is incredible. so. many. amazing. ceramic pieces!!!! please hover for artists names (or look at tags that are listed in order of appearance.)

we also made it to architectural artifacts. it *really is* like a museum!

one more shot of general ravenswood

and a picture of the banans we bought at lillstreet

and i'll let you go. it's thanksgiving week, after all and there's A LOT happening rn. see you after the holiday!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

choc choc 2nd anniversary and kodomo matsuri at jasc

leff and i celebrated pocky/pretz/pepero day this year with kbeauty and japanese food. choc choc even provided the pocky and pepero as they were celebrating their 2nd year in business! 

i loveloveLOVE choc choc! so the freebies (canvas bag! red ginseng face mask! DOUBLE STAMP DAY BIG DISCOUNTS) were just icing. here's my haul for the day.

hells yes finally got some cosrx acne patches!

also being celebrated on saturday was kodomo matsuri at jasc.  we were there at the same time as santa (no photos tho, soz) but our main draw was, naturally, the food! oh, the food! gyoza

and onigiri (this kind was a golden seaweed which neither of us had tried before! leff said it wasn't as, idk, kelpy? it was hard to describe but v good!)

and teriyaki beef skewers!!! these were the main draw for many people (at least FOUR webers were going!) and i understand why. so tender, juicy, smokey and not too sweet!

one of the older ladies pointed at our okonomiyaki and smiled. i guess cause we got the topping right? ha i will never pass up kewpie.

if you are in town for kodomo matsuri, this is an event that i will force you to attend if only for the food. (there were demonstrations and an entire craft area but it was very crowded and i was hungry.) all the food was incredibly fresh and delicious and i can't wait until next year when i will also get a teriyaki dog.

Monday, November 06, 2017

confluence 20+ at block 37

leff and i were lucky enough to catch confluence 20+ on saturday on its last day at the chicago design museum. (that is my m.o. openings, smopenings i'm all about the panic of last day viewing)

confluence 20+ was the third edition of a traveling exhibit (milan, hong kong, seoul, chicago) about hong kong design. i knew this was going to be good but i didn't realize HOW good.

please know that i tried to get names for all the designers, artists, etc etc but i have failed. which makes me sad because i REALLY really love this outfit.

fashion designers whose names i *did* remember to write down were lo sing chin who was showing "traditional guangcai craftsmanship intertwine(ing) with camping gear"

and otto tang who captures travel moments on film that are eventually printed on fabric. (i love these!)

james law's alpods (prefab units with aluminum shells) greatly appeal with their mobility. some tiny models were shown.

lemme tell ya, if i ever considered owning property again (i'm not haha nooope), i'd want to own one of these.

when i saw sojourner by narrative made and sukkhacitta, particularly these pieces, i swear i screamed AIZOME (why do people go places with me? lol)

for real though, traditional indigo dying is in*cred*ible and i am in love with it.

more pieces from sojourner.

honestly though, the most exciting part of the whole exhibit had to be the ceramics of julie progin and jesse mc lin.  they are documenting  the changing landscape of porcelain production of jingdezhen. look. at. this. glaze.


pieces in the "irony" series were made from parts that were found on factory floors and left to rust in bowls before firing. you can see the water marks.

many of the porcelain factories are closing and this duo uses molds that they have reclaimed to cast and cast and cast until the shape is entirely lost/the mold is too busted to use. it is very archaeological and so conceptually pleasing.

honestly, i could spend the rest of this post on the brilliance of progin and mc lin but then you wouldn't get to see part of sammy or's "a picture is worth a thousand words" which "celebrate(s) the art of chinese font design".  just...just watch these vids. i love this pieces so bloody much.

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finally, some odds and ends. no idea what this vid was about (sorry, i was getting tired.) 

but these samuel chan pieces stopped me in my tracks. (i am *really* into solid wood furniture that's gonna last rn and these are just beautiful. sleek. gorgeous.)

have a nice book that was on a samuel chan bookcase and then we'll get to

stanley wong which damn! such a great contemp take on classical chinese shapes!

nicol boyd and tomas rosen restaged a hong kong style food stall. here are some of the reflective bowls.

some more shots for atmosphere

(we FINALLY got to see the muddy waters mural!)

before i end with freeman lau's phantasmagorical lamp.

guys, i wish i had gone to this exhibit sooner. it was chock full of beautiful and refreshing things and concepts. i now have a very strong urge to visit hong kong. or, you know...maybe live there for a while...