Thursday, July 13, 2017

think i'm gonna take the rest of the summer off

no reason really. just...tired of the internet? yeah, that's pretty much it.

ig will be active-ish. see you in sept? oct? who knows? bye!

Monday, July 10, 2017

oh yes!

leff made a video about giardiniera and it is hysterical! 

kind of a slow week

the summer colds don't stop so it was slow around here last week. basically, just packages that contained the best beach blanket in the world lol

and lip masks.

they look hysterical when you use them but, damn, if they don't work.

oh yeah, also got a new pj shirt which is rad af. (but not really, it is just goofy.)

i was pokeballin on saturday when i got an ashhat pikachu.

the light that day was crazy. i only have this picture of it, however. oh well.

notable food:  chicken, cheese and garlic brats on the 4th.


berries that were supposed to be for pavlova until i realized that it's going to be too hot this week to bake (even at night).

but, best of all, READER I SAID YES!!!

see you next week!

Monday, July 03, 2017

first half of a long holiday

yesss! four day weekend!

so far it's been lazy. leff went to ribfest. we've been taking naps. we've also bought a few things. new pillows,


and some pokemon socks.

 but, mainly, we've just been lazin' around by the lake.